New & Used Tires Vancouver

Used tires Vancouver is BCs largest used tire shop out there we have over 10,000 used tires in stock.

If you are looking for a low cost, high quality tire look no further then used tires Vancouver.

We have the best brand names with up to 90% tread left and also have used tires for as low as 10 bucks.

If you just need one tire or four tires we have what you are looking for.

Used Tires Vancouver has professional tire installers with the top tire equipment to make sure your tire install is done right.

All are used tires are pressure tested for your safety.

Why spend twice the price for a new tire if we have a used tire for 50% off. Used tires Vancouver has been doing tires for over 20 years.

Come check out are stock or call for a price on your tire size.

Used Tires Vancouver – Great Stock

All our tires are all presser tested and good quality.

Give us a call or submit our form and send me your tire size and how many tires you are looking for and someone will get back to you right away.

We have the largest stock of used tires out there. If your lease is up or your tires are getting worn and you want to save some money with out giving up quality then our brand name used tires are for you.

All are used tires have lots of life left come and check us out.

Used Tires Vancouver